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Hello, hello, and welcome! This is Webomics United FAQ, and I hope we have answered all your questions here... or rather not, since that means you have a brand new original question for me to answer. All good, all good...

So, let's begin!

About the Comics

  1. What is Webcomics United?

    Why, that's an awesome question, since it has two answer even!

    Firstly, Webcomics United is the title of this webcomic. It takes place in a metaphorycal world "behind" all other webcomics, where characters are simply portrayed by actor, as if they were series, movies or stuff like that. Hence, they are aware of the usual tropes and limitations of their own medium, but also unawarily live in such a universe of webcomic. Weird, huh?

    In-story, Webcomics United is the ubiquitous webcomic character syndicate, which aids webcomic characters to find job as characters, props, fillers, support and many other works thrilling careers... or some more than others, but, anyway, I guess you got the big figure.

    For more info, visit our Cast page above to meet the characters of this wondrous meta-comic.

  2. What inspired you into making this comic?

    I could say "Every other webcomic", but that wouldn't be the answer you want to hear, nor it is completely true...

    My main inspiration to do this is a webcomic called Kid Radd. That's a webcomic about game sprites that inhabit a world of game sprites from old games. The idea of having a company that relocates characters come from there, as does the idea of having characters of different styles together. Mostly anything else, though, is my stuff. Still, that's an awesome comic, and it deserves to be read.

    All in all, the idea of creating a webcomic is pretty old, dating back from the start of 2008, maybe, but I only started executing it mid-2009. And now this dream is coming true, and I hope it becomes big and famous and loved... okay, let's not dream too big, I just hope I don't give up on it.

About the Author

  1. I heard you are Brazilian, why do you write comics in English?

    True, while my native language is Portuguese, I've chosen to write in English, even though that is not my native language and once in a while a commit one mistake here and there. There's a why to all that, of course.

    It's quite obvious that most part of the internet users are English speaking, be it natively or simply because — one cannot ignore that, even though some chose to, for pride or whatsoever — it is an universally understood language. Thus, if I want my webcomic to be read by the most people as possible, I should write it in English. An because I do want my webcomic to be read by the most people as possible, since I know how sad it is to publish a work and not be seen, I write it in English.

    This is also because most of the webcomics I read are in English. Because of that the idea of writing a webcomic in any other language just seems alien. I'm not sure why, it just sounds weird.

About Everything Else

  1. Why did my comment get moderated?

    Moderation is automatic and I have little to no control over it. I only specified in which cases a comment must be held up. All in all, here's what may get your comment held up:

    • It's the first time you comment on the site(This is determined by the e-mail address you provided);
    • Your message contain any links;
    • Some pattern on your message was identified as a script(Javascript, PHP, whatever);

    Keep in mind, I am not able to hold back your comments on purpose. Great chances are that I'll probably be doing something else while you are commenting, anyway...

Do you still have a question that's left unanswered? Well, send it to me, and I'll answer it as soon as possible!