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It's finally coming: The Webcomics United Collection eBook!

Yes! As you might know(probably not) I have compiled my first 100 strips(give or take some guest stuff) into this neat CBR/CBZ packed collection! And for a good while I have been dabbling into the knowledge of converting it to a decent ePub version that you can use to read in your cellphone or something.

Well we are incredibly close now, finally.

Not gonna lie: ePub is a heck of a format. For comic books, that is. For text it's just amazing, I'm sure, but for something like this it's a bit of a challenge, but I'll be damned if I don't enjoy a good challenge. But anyway, it's coming.

This eBook version will, like the original CBR/Z pack version, have not much other than the comics itself(and a handy index), but after I'm done with this there's good news: I can finally start working on a decent actual book with lots of extra material. Stuff you'd actually pay for, I hope.

So stay tuned. Stuff is coming. Maybe even comics. :D

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