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More Upcoming Goodness: A Decent Cast Page!

Have you ever looked at a comic and wondered "wait, who the heck is this person?" Well, fret no more because here's more awesomeness coming your way: the new and improved Webcomics United Cast Page!

Ok, there's a chance you clicked this link and still got redirected to the old cast page. My bad, the new one is still in construction, most of it being me coming up with decent descriptions of my own characters that are not overly simplistic and neither are meandering blocks of text telling all sort of details about them because they're all like my children and I love them so much(even Duncan, who is a horrible person).

Anyway, this is all an effort to make this a better webcomic page! Yay!

But if you're only interested in goodies, then you'll be happy to know that the ePub version of Webcomics United: Prom For Webcomics is almost near, as well. If I would set up a deadline, I'd say it'll probably be available at the Store up to this October.

But I wouldn't put my hand on fire for myself, really. :P Have a nice day, y'all!

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