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A New Year of Webcomics United (Hopefully)

Hello, everyone, and thanks for sticking around. I know the site's been dead on its tracks for a while, so I totally understand.

Last year has not been big on Webcomics United content here for simple reason of I've made myself super busy with another project I called Days of Music and Art, a one drawing a day project with a motif of music. One illustration based(sometimes loosely) on one song on each day, totaling 365 updates with the last one uploaded on the spot on Dec 31st. A success, thus. :V

Of course, that took me a good chunk of my free time usually allocated to other endeavors such as making games or comics. Like, this comic. On better unrelated news, I haven't really stopped drawing the WU characters, anyway. :D But yes, I gotta get my stuff back together. Namely, my slow crawl towards the 200th comic and that snazzy Cast Page I've been promising you. It's better than the current one, is what I can say.

Well, 2015 is probably going to be a lot better year for Webcomics United than 2014.

Have an amazing year, you crazy lovely people! :D

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