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Hello, dear readers! Did you ever wish you could throw money at your favorite comic but has no idea how? Well, I don't either, but why don't you throw your money at Webcomics United instead? Jokes aside, here's our expanding gallery of merchandise and special WU-themed products, both physical and digital, for your enjoyment!

Donations and Advertising!

Hi, everyone! Welcome to our store, there are products down there. Just click on the names to show the rest of the box and access those sweet buying links.

But even if you don't wish to buy anything -- hopefully, because you already have bought everything there was to buy -- but you wish to help us keep this site running and just in general support the making of this comic, then feel free to donate some via those handy buttons just below. We're still new at this, but we're trying to make sure everything is as painless and simple as possible, as well as to support as many payment services as we can.

Also, you can use Project Wonderful to advertise your own site in our ad boxes. Since PW doesn't charge for clicks, but as a bid system, this means you will be contributing just by making your own ads available here and in ever comic page. Everyone's happy!

Anyway, thanks for everything, and happy browsing!


Webcomics United Collection #1 - Prom For Webcomics

It is here! The very first Webcomics United collection containing the first 100 comics all packaged neatly for your enjoyment!

Also, there's a preface by James Westbrook, of Mortality Girl. Neat!



Webcomics United Poster - Les Webcomiques

The cast of Webcomics United is proud to (dis)honor one of the greatest stories of all time, Les Miserables, in an unique presentation that will unfortunately not be rendered in webcomic form in the foreseeable future.

But at least you can have it in hi-res poster form, and autographed by all the members of the cast. Now that's a sweet deal!

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