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Usually I try not to blabber much down here, but this time I think I ought to give you some background info, since I'll probably not be able to do it in 6-panel strips so well.

Firstly, the Big Four represent each of the Sequential Art Regions, from the Funnies to the Manga, passing through Webcomics and Comix("usual" comics). From these four, the Funnies Farms are the smallest(though dense) region, and the Comix Megalopolis the biggest, englobing many different regions.

The two characters sent by the Comix Corporation are Paragon, from the Indie Ghetto; and Little "Lil'" Spiral, from the Old City. So, in meta terms, the Ghetto is where independent comic characters live, and the Old City is where old-timers(from the 40s and 50s) still dwell. And, for different reaons, they're both borderline clinically insane.

The subjects of the parodies here made are, of course, left for the reader to indentify. ;)

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