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I'm between arcs and someone suggested Theo has spent a long time not appearing in the comic, which is true. One day I'll implement some sort of tag system so people will be able to find comics by character and theme, but for now I believe it's been last year when we saw Theo the last time(in the dinner arc).

The final result... eh. This had to be done in a bit of a rush, as will be this next comic, and for good reasons. I don't mind much, I won't say this is my Worst Comic Ever, I know everyone has some slumps of subparness, but this joke(which is more a collection of punchlines than one joke)... could be better. For one, I had no idea how to work the bottom row without either alienating you less familiar with the webcomics involved or outright putting little captions, which I think is pretty much explaining the joke. So that's what this author commentary is here for, mainly.

Thusly, the list of comics referenced in this strip:

- Kevin & Kell, feature in my Links page and one very successful webcomic. Amazing how Holbrook manages to keep a very classy act in the web, where apparently it's "get edgy or bust". That said, sometimes there's this slightly off-putting thing that Holbrook over-explains his own jokes. It's not a huge deal, I still like K&K a lot, but I guess it's worth a bit of a jab. All in good sport, really.

- Zoology, by Nathan Birch, a comic about animals in a zoo. One day I just happened across it and I liked it, but I don't think it's all that extraordinary. It's pretty good, my favorite character is definitely Angsty, the octopus, and... well, all in all that's all. No really big deal, though it's a bit weird that the sunday comics get published only in Gamespy. I suppose they can pay their actors half-wage for that. :P

- Ozy & Millie is wonderful. D. C. Simpson's work is like Calvin and Hobbes, minus the Calvin. It's cute but not overly sweet, it's very clever but sometimes outright silly, it has lovable characters... and it has ended a tad abruptly years ago. Sad, because this was the second webcomic I ever read, and it was really, really good. If you're coming across it just now, start reading the archives from the start, you won't regret.

And... yea. I'd like to let it clear, in case it wasn't, that I really like the comics featured here. I have nothing(or almost nothing, hm?) against them, I just need to poke fun at something and, in the rush of needing a comic for Friday I couldn't find obscure furry comics with really big flaws and so turned to what I already knew. No bad feelings, I hope.

And the first row. I really liked doing the first row of this comic. I guess it shows I've been playing Team Fortress 2 lately, eh? :P It was a quick idea I had for a setup, just a situation to open the conversation and, out of the blue, it was lots of fun to imagine and draw.

This comic was pretty weird, indeed...

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