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I have a good lot of things to say here, so let me try not to get lost.

First things first: I just remembered Mim is thick-lined, so I corrected the last comic to reflect that. I have no idea if anyone noticed that but... yea, I did.

Now, this week is going to be busy. Thursday is both two national holidays at once(in Brazil) and also my grandfather's birthday, and that all couple with Easter coming will make this a very family-oriented week, and I'm not even sure I'll get internet connection from Thursday till next Sunday. So I decided to take a break with the comics.

Also, this comic here almost got caught in the hiatus, but I decided to get it done, despite some nasty cold I've got. Nothing serious(hence why I decided to make it anyway) but pretty annoying. No big deal, just in case you're wondering why it's a bit late... And there's something else I needed to say...

Oh yes: when I say "a bit late" I mean this was submitted almost 9AM(GTM-3) instead of midnight. About it being Tuesday, well, I'm doing a schedule change. So, from now on, Webcomics United updates Tue/Fri instead of Mon/Fri. Not a huge deal, but worth an announcement.

And heck, I like this last panel. It's completely pointless and not exactly wonderfully rendered, but heck, it's fun!

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