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And here we have the idea that sprouted this series of comics. Oh, boy!

Well, I hope you liked it, it sounded really funny in my head... also, I managed to keep the walls of text to a minimum... believe it, I NEEDED that thir panel!

So,it's end-May, by June I'll be working on a new full-time job, which means lots of less time for comics. Which means either a drop in overall quality or a drop in the updating schedule. Or a drop in everything, but I hope we don't reach that point! Fortunately, the first strip in June coincided with my 150th strip, which will be, as were #50 and #100, a special all-characters feature. The theme will be a surprise, though.

Finally, I'll try to get the "End of Arcs" done soon before I have a pile of mini-arcs to write about.

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