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It's been 150 comics, people! Unbelievable! I suppose if I didn't take so many breaks we'd be reaching 200 soon enough, too... well, what can I do?

So, this is a poster-ish piece featuring our characters 15 years ago in a situation mostly out of canon, because as we all know pretty much none of them really knew each other at that time, right?

Well, as I said "mostly" out of canon... there are some pieces of canon info I've scattered around because I thought they'd be interesting. Like how Flora is portrayed before becoming a phytomorph (and thus green) and Ribbon is leaning on the wall(get it?).

Since it's already pretty late and I'm very tired, I'm not going to write a whole cheat sheet for this picture. Besides, with the exception of 4 more obscure characters, you'll be able to guess them all. :)

So, hope you like this special feature, and keep your eyes peeled to the Moley Rants, there'll be an important announcement there soon!

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