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Hey, it' Theo! And Bangs! And Topps! You probably only remember one of these people anyway!

So, we start our second thread here, as Topps will enlighted us on a bit of fake webcomic history. Namely, the period known as "The Great Stickman Depression", which means we'll cross paths with two other stick figures known to us. One of them only by name, but... yea. It's gonna be cool.

Also, first mention of something I've been meaning to introduce into the mythos of WU, the fact that the PAs have this tendency to swoon over executives(and yes, it happens to the male ones, too; Ribbon's been fending them off with a stick). In case you're wondering if the syndicate is corrupt enough to turn its back to this blatant display of sexual harassment in the workplace... well duh. You should know it already.

Anywho, thanks for showing by, leave your kind messages if you will and do come back later for more! :D

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