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Flora: Sigh... this isn't so fun anymore without Jello! I wonder where he is, anyway...

Ohm: Excuse me, miss... might I have a word with you?

Ohm: How about me and you find somewhere more private and... <whisper, whsper>

Flora: I don't know what
do you think I am, but
the answer is no!

Ohm: Wait! Don't answer yet...

Ohm: Yes, nectar... these are all $100 bills! A whole wad of them. Just for you.

Flora: GASP!

Ohm: Need to think? Sure... I'll just pretend to be surprised by your answer when it comes!

Ohm is a character I need to develop more. I'm not exactly sure whether he's evil because he's a bureaucrat, or he's a bureaucrat because he's evil, or he just happens to be evil and a bureaucrat. But you get the gist of it, no? Exactly: he's a bit of an asshole all around.

Anyway, what proposal is driving our green-skinned muse to sweaty panic? Will she accept? Will Jello get to know of such indecency? Well, I sure do know that, but you'll have to wait until our next comic! Sure feels good to be an author...

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