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Well, we're done with this whole story, I swear. Except of course with the matter of what they did with all that money, but I assure you Flora split it even with Jello. It's the least she could do, I suppose. Or something.

Aaaaanyway... As I said before, just to remind you guys: WU now is going to update whenever I prefer. Mostly that means "when I get things done", and in the case of mini-arcs, it'll be "when I get them all done at once". Will this make comics better? Will I be engulfed by sloth so great it'll make Theo look like a bug in comparison? Who knows! I surely don't!

Oh, and I so need to stop doing comics like this, or else I'll start attracting foot fetishist spammers. Not that I care what fetish they have, it's the spam part that bugs me.

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