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Well, Theo deserves some of his own time on screen too. I like the big guy, but he usually sides badly with the rest of the cast. He's way too big, that's what I mean.

Anyway. Kevin & Kell is a nice daily webcomic you might want to take a look at. It was mentioned here in the comic before, and is also present in the links page(gotta add some more there any time, btw), but this is its first "feature". The other character is Corrie, by the way. I had to look her name up, K&K just has oh so many characters...

Anyway, hope Mr. Holbrook appreciates the gesture of admiration and doesn't mind my shabby mimicry of his fluid newspaper-y style. And... new comics keep on coming! I'll start a new arc any time soon... I hope. And it'll be awesome.

So... woot, I guess.

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