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Following our probably only regular tradition, first we had webcomic cosplay, then actual Halloween costumes galore! Now I present you... the complete random theme Webcomics United Halloween!

For this edition of our Halloween feature(that, coincidentally, did take place on a Monday) I asked my fellow deviants for suggestions and I'd pick the best. I didn't receive much... but I actually to get some gems out of there, yes! :D

Zip: as Chelsea from Mortality Girls, seen before here in WU as well.

Mim: as classic 50s cartoon character Betty Boop. She can't sing, but I'm sure she can do a nice shuffle!

Theo: as Sloth, from Full Metal Alchemist. The burly guy one, not the sexy lady one.

Jessica: as Soldier from Team Fortress 2. BTW, if you're a TF2 player, try and find me on Steam(username "guedesav")!

Flora & Jello: Flora dressed as the eponymous Sailor Moon(she was called "Sailor Moon", right?) and Jello as her... wand-thing. I might have mixed some different models of the sailor fuku uniform, but I think I mostly got it right!

Bangs: as Jade from the excellent Homestuck. If you're planning to read this, I suggest you take one weekend or two to get up to date on the comic!

Ribbon: as Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII, the very first actual Final Fantasy game I ever played.

Ohm: as Ciaphas Cain, HERO OF THE IMPERIUM, from the Warhammer 40K universe. Yea, the all caps sure fit him well.

Credit for suggestions go to:
- our good ol' friend James Westbrook;
- Seb, with lots and lots of nice ideas;
- Dawnriku, for the FF idea;
- Piers1, for the insistent and non-stopping Homestuck pimping. :P

The comics will resume with more non-Halloween related antics soo. See y'all!

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