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This comic has been in and out of production for a while, which is why it took a lot even though it is pretty simple. I've been traveling, on vacation and dealing with family issues for months and finally got myself on the rhythm to get things done again.

So you can pretend the reason there were no comics is because I gave all my characters vacations(they have a good union :P ) and the fillers were just not worth the money.

It's so meta! 8D

A few more things: first, no April's Fool prank this year, since I had no idea what to do and the gremlin thing is really dragging out.

Finally, on the last panel we have Tina "Ronzy", who is an awesome person. After the last time I had a fellow artist in a meta-comic, it's just fair it was her turn.

Happy pranks and have an awesome Funny Internet Day! And let's hope I get more comics done in time.

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