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This is the last we'll see of Furdissey. At least, if I don't get the crazy idea of revisit the comic in a while. Which I think I won't, but nobody knows. Either way, I hope you've been missing the good ol' format, because it's coming back! =D

...Anyway, I hope it'll help me to grab more time before yet another webcomic-in-a-webcomic. In fact, I think I'll let you vote on this: next arc I'll put Zip either into a gaming comic or a TG comic. Which one? You have the opportunity to convince me! Leave your kind words down there and I'll consider.

And have a nice day. Or night.

UPDATE: Well, damn, it took me long enough... I mean to mention this earlier, but I kept postponing to the next strip, but this is the last, so...

The Red Warrior is a creation of "A. C." There, credit where credit is due.

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