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Look it's him again, Black Hat Man! Then again, it's not, which means, yes, it's not him, again.

Seriously, I miss Black Hat Man in xkcd. In fact, I miss characters in xkcd. I have this opinion that Mr. Munroe should try to develop some characters intead of just throwing random stick figures whose personalities are not well defined in each installment of the webcomic.

But enough, I think this was a joke waiting to be made, and I couldn't wait for a lot of time after Halloween so it'd look less like me milking a lame joke again and again. Seriously, this will be the last of xkcd in the strip for a while.

Also, the buffer is coming along pretty well. In the very least, I'll have two weeks of comics ahead, if I can come up with strips every Monday during classes. Yes, that's what I've been doing. Anywhat, putting them together is surely taking some time, and my usual refusing to take the easy way doesn't help either.

But I'll survive some way or another. Have a nice day out there.

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