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There are good comics and bad comics. There are also those that are so good they are awesome, and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, those who are so bad they're horrible. And then there are those who defy any definition of goodness.

Shredded Moose manages to be a webcomic for which I seen no favorable review. It's hosted on a well designed site, with passable art, but its writing is hideous. It's not only bad, but so cringeworthy it makes you wonder if it's not a deliberated attempt at trolling the whole world at once. And, just in case you're wondering, no, it doesn't excuse itself from being what it is.

But, fortunately, the comic has achieve self-awareness and shut itself down for the time being. That, or the artist got fed up with the writer and walked away. Either way, it's in hiatus and now you'll be unable to "appreciate" this unbelievable pile of offensiveness, but that doesn't meanyou'll just have to trust my words alone on that.

And so I thought I could exploit such badness in my comic. Hey, this is a webcomic about webcomics, including those who appear to have just crawled from the deepest abyss of Hell!

And now, go in peace.

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