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Jello: Erm... Zip, we've got to talk.

Jello: Look, I don't usually mention it because I don't like to sound as id I'm bragging, but... I know I have a girlfriend

Jello: And, as any other couple of boyfriend and girlfriend we need some time together to keep the relationship alive... you get me?

Zip: Oh, right... No problem, Jello, I'm sure me and you girlfriend are gonna get along well!

Jello: Fine. You can go to the movies with us this time.

Zip: Woo! I'm gonna watch

So, we start another story starring our awesome main characters. There's something behind this, but the backstory is easily deductible. What will happen, though... well, there are some surprises along the way.

And, yes, all movies in Webcomic World are parodies. Copyright bites!

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