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Zip: Let the awesomeness begin! That's it, Jello! We're gonna watch the grooviest movie ever made!

Jello: Chill down, Zip...

Zip: It's the apex of fantasy movies, man! The sights! The critters! The world! The--

Flora: Hi, boys! Glad I found you around!

Zip: OMG! Can I pleeeease take a photo with you?

Jello: That's not a cosplayer, it's just my girlfriend... who happens to be green.

Flora: Oh, don't worry, I've been hearing that one a lot, lately.

Zip: Aw...

So, look at this comic! With detailed backgrounds and all that! Well, okay, the backgrounds ain't THAT detailed, but it's an improvement, I reckon.

In case you didn't get it right out, background characters are inspired by Abstruse Goose and its floating heads. Also, that concession worker is Kori, from Westbrook's Multiplex of Death.

I had fun with those posters. You might not even be able to read them behind the characters, but I like them anyway.

Next comic: more funny conversation with Jello's girlfriend, this time inside a theater room. You can't miss!

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