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Zip: Eh, Flora... There's one little thing bugging me about you... Jello told me you were a bush when you two met, but you don't look very... vegetable.

Flora: Oh, right. I'm a phytomorph!

Zip: Ooh, sounds awesome!

Flora: Yeah, it took some tough training, but it's worth it!

Zip: Oh... that means you can transform into a... *whisper*?

Flora: Well, it is a plant so.. yes, I can.

Zip: Yes?

Flora: But I usually try to avoid the dick jokes.

Zip: But it's the world's biggest inflorescence...

Jello: Also, it smells.

I know what you're thinking, and yes, she's green as a side-effect of having that ability.

Now, to the usual "pointing out the references" moment! Abstruse Goose-inspired floating heads up there, a "crappy" triangle waaaay back there on the last panels, and that giraffe gal that acted on Furdissey is back. Oh, and that little mole there, too, it's mine. :D

In all, this was a very satisfying comic. Coming next: movie preview antics!

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