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This summer... ...they'll live the weirdest adventure ever...

Circle: Finally, the world is mine! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Square: I must kill Evil Triangle... but which is him?!

Triangle and Evil Triangle: You moron!

Odd Convex Four Sided Shape: DIE SCUM!

Triangle: I'll avenge my grandfather!

Square: If I press any tone of green other than lime we'll be doomed... damn my color blindness!

Zip: What...

Flora: ...the heck...

Jello: ...was THAT?!

So, as I said, LOLGarfield wouldn't do, instead I thought on making it a bit of fanart. Then I took Crappy's stuff and worked it into a movie preview joke

Turns out it works even better as a teaser. No one knows what the heck was that about, but it surely grabs your attention. And it also looks pretty awesome.

Anyway, the makings of any sort of "Full Lenght Comic" out of Crappy Comics is entirely up to Mr. Crappy. On my side, I made those shapes in Inkscape instead of MS Paint, and heck they look much better!

So, next comic... surprise. It's #50, so I'm in the mood for something completely different. Stay tuned!

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