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Zip: Everything was SO awesome! That was the grooviest movie ever! All those effects and... those creatures and battles and... And those dragon-plant things! I wish I could ride one of those!

Jello: Sorry for the grouchy look, Sprout... it's just I know this won't be one of those good ol' dates when we went to my
place and... well, you know...

Flora: Aw, Jello... I know! But it's cool, we will have our time soon! For now, let's just have fun with Zip, right? My cuddly purply gooey-goo!

Zip: Flora! We must commune to save our sacred land!

Jello: Dude, that's a pretty risky joke...

So, after the movie we have an over-excited Zip and couple that's a bit conformed to having their night alone ruined by that same over-excited young man. Where are the people who were in the same room? Well, they are somewhere else so I don't have to draw them in the background, that's where!

But, look, I did some funny movie posters for you to gaze at isntead of a lifeless background in that stretched first panel. It surely makes me feel less guilty!

Next comic, we end this mini-arc and go into funny one-timers and all that. It's gonna be cool, I promise!

Have a nice day!

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