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John: Honey, I'm home! And I have great news!

Ella: Hello, dear! I have some good news, too!

John: I've finally quit my job at the 1st Webcomic Banc, and now we can finally pursue our dream of making our own webcomic!

Ella: I'm pregnant, John!

John: ...Really?

John: (Sigh) Well, I guess there's still time to fill my own position...

Ella: Aw, come here my sweet and resiged breadwinner!

Today is my father's birthday, and this is a comic featuring the main character's parents. Coincidence?! Almost. I had plans of making a John & Ella comic for some time now, to stop dealing only with Zip and Jello, and it came in a perfect timing.

So, here's a bit of a flashback.

And just as a completely unrelated fun fact, Zip's name would be "Nil" if he was a girl. I was going to put that in the comic, but it didn't fit.

That's all, guys. Have a swell weekend!

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