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Zip: Aw, dang, there goes my last life!

Theo: Heyo! One more frag for the sloth-man!

Cheer up, Zip, you're playing pretty well for a starter...

Zip: Yea... but you know, what was I thinking? How does a penguin--

Jello: You stop right there! Sorry, guys, but I'll have to ask you to get rid of the Wii...

Zip: What! Why?

Jello: It starts all fun and games,
but, then, all of a sudden, we'll
have all the game systems, and
then we'll get all the newest
and hottest games... and what
will this become, huh? You know?


Gaming comics, a niche cursed by the ever-growing wave of newcomers looking for the usual dream of instant sucess without any effort. It's not hard being a gaming comic these days, people...

Anyway, this is not directed to anyone in particular, just... something I thought would give my readers a chuckle. So, in doubt, I invested some time in that ultra-raging version of Jello.

Have fun, you guys! I know this week I probably won't... =P

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