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Katie: I can't sleep... I think I should count sheep.

Zip: Hello!

Katie: Hey, where's Ship?

Zip: On vacation! So they hired me to play his role! And since I'm not a magic sheep... they gave me this bottle of chloroform!

First time I do anything with a real comic, not counting shout outs, parodies and that Crappy Comics movie teaser.

Count Your Sheep, by Adrian Ramos, is a very sweet and whimsical comic, and I tried to parody its most classic joke, which is presented in its first strip ever. What's bothering me is this weird sensation that I might be doing something wrong, something so against the principle of the original comic that it should be thrown into the deepest pits of hell and never brought to surface again.

Of course, I'm also overly dramatic when trying to win the affection of people I somewhy admire. So I just hope you all enjoy. =)

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