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Not much to say about the strip's plot itself. I think I managed to make it as short as it need to be(in a 6-panel strip, of course) and still introduce yet a new character(and one I really like, for reasons not completely known to me) on the same strip. And that last sentence... well, you know where this goes, eh?

A few more comments, here: first, if you think the erratic panel lining is irritating, rejoice, for nexts strip will come with a new style of solid panel lines, and I guess that's much better. So much better that I'm upgrading it a few strips later, to have actual panel borders. Hooray for that.

And I'll let more discussion for the next strip. Something to do with the schedule and stuff.

BTW, I was really going to put "Do the Proud Dance" in Zip's bubble in the penultimate panel, but I felt that woul be much better as an "alt-text joke". I guess you only noticed there's an extra text when you hover your mouse pointer over the strip now I told you, eh? XD

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