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Ella: Play nice, WU kids!

Jello: Yes, Nanny!

Zip: Yes, Nanny Ella!

Flora: What are we gonna do now, Zip?

Zip: Let's use our hyperactive baby imaginations!


All: YAY!!!

Topps: Another crappy spin-off, Bangs, you know what to do, dontcha?

Bangs: Yes, sir! Incinerate and scatter the ashes! I'm on it!

There isn't much to be said here, except that, while Flora wasn't actually green as a tot, there actually is a reason to why Jello is red. Theo was included almost at the last minute while I was drawing the lines, and finally I decided to include yet another member on our cast of bureaucrats. And, just for the sake of diversity, a stickman. (Note to self: check if tarrasques are considered "fur people")

Next week I really want to start another series, though I'm not sure on what plot. I'll think of something tomorrow and we'll go along, as we always do, right? =D

Have a nice weekend!

Stock photo of a forest from stock-feele on deviantART.

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