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Jello: I know they're a bit late, but chill out, man!

Zip: I can't help it... It's my first double and blind date!

Jello: Don't worry, Zip, Flora said she called her cousin, and from what I know her cousins are pretty cool. Not to mention--

Flora: Sneak attack! SMOOCH!

Jello: Eep! Hi, Sprout!

Zip: Erm... hey, Flora!

Flora: Hey, Zip! I want you to meet your date tonight... my cousin Jessica!

Jessica: Hey, y'all!

Zip: Very pleased too meet you, Jessica...

Jessica: Well, I surely can notice your spahkles, boy!

I'm almost late, so no big comments. Hope you liked Jessica, cause she's staying for a while. Also, I think it's cool to see someone from the offices out here on the casual world. Pretty neat.

That's all for now. Doing some college works, studying for exams and working on those link buttons. See ya!

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