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Jello: So, Zip, enjoying your date?

Zip: Pretty much... but I have my doubts.

Jello: Why so?

Zip: They just went to the restroom. And I know exactly what They are doing there... Jessica must be talking about the  horrible impression she has of me!

Imaginary Jessica: OMG, Flora, this boy is such a spaz!

Imaginary Flora: I know! But Jello pretty much forced me to bring you...

Zip: I can feel my ear burning, Jello, it never fails!

Jello: First, I don't think Flora would say something like that. And second, stop being paranoid, I bet they're not even be talking about us!

Zip: Oh, yeah? And what do you suppose women take so long doing in the ladies room? Discussing economics?

Flora: ...and that's how we're walking towards another
stickmen over-saturation!

Jessica: Nonsense, Flora, the market does learn with its errors. Remember the last Sprite Recession?

I know, I know... it's borderline toilet humor – it's bathroom humor, actually –, but I made it classy to balance.

Also, I'll try to spend my holidays(yep, it's holiday down here in Brazil, or almost) trying to start a buffer once again. Wish me luck.

Finally, if you're in the mood to provide some feedback(dang, I do miss some few comments around here...), what do you think about Zip and Jessica as a couple? I don't have a strong opinion yet, so you might even be defining the future of this comic! Ain't that groovy?! What are you waiting for?! =D

...Anyway, have a nice weekend, you guys and gals!

Minor corrections, as suggested by A. C.

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