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Zip: And so I decided to add some spice... so I improvised!

Jessica: Wow, for reals?

Flora: Aw, look at them, Jello, they only have eyes for each other now!

Jello: Yeah, they sure look lovely!

Flora: Well, what do I know? My cute purple goo is actually a matchmaker! What a twist!

Jello: Aw, well, I couldn't do it without your help finding a mate. right?

Zip: Hey, guys, we're going up there to... have some fun. We'll be right back, kay?

Flora: Sure, have fun!

Jessica: C'mon! Quick!

Flora: It seems they aren't losing any time, Jello. Maybe we shouldn't waste ours either...

Jello: Hee hee hee... That doesn't sound like a bad idea at all!

Jessica: Come on, Stop letting me win, Zippy!

Zip: I wish! You really are destroying me... and you're not even using any kicks!

The romantic climate grows and grows, and it seems we're going somewhere. And then, just for fun, I do a subversion. Yay!

The next edition of Webcomics United will be very special, and I do hope having it done, completely, by wednesday. Either way, it only goes up on Friday anyway. :D

See you there, have an awesome week!

PS.: I'm really trying to write the next Webcomickery, but time isn't exactly something that grows in trees, you know...

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