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Yes! With the proximity of the 100th comic, instead of starting another plot-relevant arc that will be inevitably or cut short by said 100th strip, we'll have... a series of character memes! Yay!

So here's all you wanted to know about Webcomics United characters, but never had the courage to ask(or never really wanted to know; it works, too)! Starting with Mr. Generic Main Character himself, Zip Stiff!

1- He was born without fingers or toes

He was born looking much closer to his sprite inheritage, and is getting more and more definite as hw grows. Maybe one day he'll have ten fingers and toes on each limb, and maybe even a nose!

2- He is a rare case of "mostly invisible nose"

Noseless characters are tricky, especially on profile. Either they look flat, or they have those horrid "snoutfaces", or you just assume they have a nose the whole time, you just can't see it from front. That's Zip, blame his mom(who also has a case of mostly invisible nose, except in her case it's a matter of resolution, rather than position).

3- He has full control over the growth of his hair and nails

That's something that's even mentioned on his cast page. More generally, he has control over most of his non-vital body functions, which also include the growth of nails. So much he just keeps them from growing most of the time. Seriously, why do those damn things grow?

4- His middle name is "Maid"

From his mother, Ella Maid. That's as embarrassing as embarrassing middle names go, and it goes without saying the last thing you'd want is the whole school to know you have a stereotipically girly profession as yours.

He took it impressively well, by the way.

5- His chilhood hero is Kid Radd

Kid Radd was the main inspiration for this comic(the concept of Webcomics United, at least), so it was bound to be mentioned one time or another. The fact that it's one of the few webcomics I know that actually ended(the other being Bob and George; RPG World, sadly, stopped just before its climax).

And it's awesome. Seriously, go read. It's awesome!

6- He dropped off college

It was mentioned one time or another that Zip went to college, but he's also a little too young to have graduated before getting his job on webcomics. So I say he just dropped off somewhen to get the job of his father's dreams. It isn't a very fulfilling career plan, if you ask what I think, but he just wasn't much happy doing... whatever major he had. I still didn't put enough thought on this matter.

7- He had 10 girlfriends

And they'll all be explored in a series of comics entitled "20 panels about 10 women"(actually 24 panels, counting 4 panels of intro and conclusion). And a future arc, involving one of Zip's exes.

And no, Jessica doesn't count. She was pretty clear she didn't want to be his girlfriend, and he was fine with that.

8- His (current) biggest dream... To become the Ultimate Filler!

What to say, he really gets carried over really fast! But he is very close to that. But I'll say no more, or the plot might be hurt!

Stay tuned for more inane facts about characters you barely even know!

"Somewhat" late I noticed I had the title as "9 Facts about Zip". While that could have been written off as a reference to the recurrent "Director's Cut" joke, it was just a goof. Hey, at least I'm honest!

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