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1- He was born as a cute little sloth.

Some anthros get more anthro as they grow, especially those who are half-beast. In some cases, half-human anthros may grow into humans with time. Furry physiology is weird, yes.

2- His first kiss was with a sprite girl.

Which might explain why he developed a taste for pixelated women. Or it might be all a coincidence. But the most important part is: he had a first kiss. That's sweet.

3- His father is in exile.

The 1985, Webcomics United and the government of Webcomic World instituted the Monster Exemption Act, which confined all creatures bigger than 30ft tall or wide, sentient or otherwise, to exile at the Outer Webcomic Wilds. Theo's father... well, there's a reason why Theo is always referred to as "Anthro Giant Sloth". How he was conceived is a matter for future plotlines, though. For now, I'll just assure you no mothers were hurt in the process.

4- He has an underbite.

Seriously, if you never noticed, that white strip over his lower lip that appears when he's with his mouth open are his teeth. Is it of any relevance to the plot, you wonder?

...No. Not really. But counts as a fact!

5- He can speak Japanese.

As I guess some hardcore gamers do, since many a good game isn't released for the West, which means at least some brave souls must take on themselves to create translations for other less obstinate gamers who would enjoy such games. I, myself, must thank the teams that brought MOTHER and MOTHER 3 for English audiences! Those are sweet games with sweet fan translations!

Oh, and Japanese are weird. Those games are pretty fun but, in all honesty, they're weird as heck!

6 - He lived in Comix Megalopolis for an year as an interchange student.

Interchange exists beyond the Fourth Wall as well, and it happened near that time when he participated in Math Olympics. He was quite the prodigy kid.

Of course, he'd rather go to Manga Islands, but it's all fine. He knew some neat people and learned some neat stuff, like making sound effects! Awesomes!

7- He's still a virgin.

Women were never his forte, and while he had some sweet relationships, none were much beyond the joining hands and kissing stage. But he loved them with all his heart... that's what counts, guys!

8- His biggest dream... to create his own gaming webcomic!

Yep. We're all hoping he'll eventually grow out of this dream. Or maybe he could make the first webcomics with a cast of furries with a human wacky sidekick. That could be cool.

Wait, who am I kidding, it'd be just as bad. But I gotta give him credit for the Scott Pilgrim pose, it makes it sound really awesome!

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