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1- He was born from an egg.

Ohm: My baby album was an awkward view, that's sure!

2- His mother is a Beast.

Ohm: I'm still fighting the urge to kill my own food. Now I ony do it once a month!

3- He went to Law School.

Ohm: What can I say, it runs in the blood!

4- His shading is artificial. 

Ohm: I can't leave home without my illusion of depth on.

5- He's an expert ventriloquist.

Dummy: Aye, ain't that sweet?

Ohm: Cute, isn't it?

6- He's a steampunk enthusiast.

Ohm: Steam is the power of man!

7- His first night was at his senior prom.

Ohm: She said she would never date me in a million years... But I told her... SHE WOULD BE MINE!

8- His biggest dream... 


1- He was born from an egg.

Because we already played along, subverted, reverted and now subverting again the "X was born as" submeme. Anyway, he really was born from an egg, for reasons explicated in the next fact and also alluded in several places(though most of them must be deviantART commentaries). And it's more common than it seems, at least among the Beast and Furry crowd.

2- His mother is a Beast.

Inter-species relationships are not uncommon, but nonetheless not very well-seen(John and Ella's relationship, for one, is quite uncanny in the eyes of most). But with time the line between Furry and Beast became so blurred it was completely possible for an almost Human to have children with a Beast. The result is, of course, Ohm. Which proves at least one half of the rumors is true.

And, yes, that is blood. Some habits are hard to kill. No pun intended.

3- He went to Law School.

Half lawyer joke, half backstory. That feisty man in the picture to the left is Ohm's great-uncle, judge Henrich Ohm. How the law background or the big pointy nose background will affect Ohm's character, though? I have no idea. Frankly, I was aiming more at the lawyer joke.

4- His shading is artificial.

If you look closely, this one is in the cast page as well. Just as characters might take surgeries to change their styles, and the temporary changing of features is commonplace among all the webcomic producing paraphernalia, some minor touches can also be conveyed with easy-to-use cosmetic means, in the same vein as hair dye. Though, of course, much more complex. We're talking about dynamic shading that adjusts itself to light positioning here, you don't get that just by painting some areas in your face gray!

5- He's an expert ventriloquist.

Which is why he can speak showing his teeth so proheminently. He can even pronounce his Ps and Bs with his mouth fully open. That man is a professional!

...Seriously, I noticed this while I was doing this comic. I just couldn't take advantage!

6- He's a steampunk enthusiast

Classy fellow, into technology... sure, the steampunk fits him. Especially the dark glasses(and the scarf doesn't look any less dapper, by the way!)

...I ran out of ideas. Also, I might use this in the future. Steampunk tech does look cool, and Ohm is one cool cat himself, thus...

7- His first night was at his senior prom.

She was quite the charming girl, he was a half-beast scrawny kid. It was just normal that she wouldn't be that friendly towards him at first, but as she got to know him better, they ended up together, at least for one night.

And the least we speak of it, the better.

8- His biggest dream... TO TAKE OVER THE WEBCOMIC WORLD!

Yes, because... wait, what?

...At least he aims high, right?

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