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1- She was born as a baby.

Ribbon: Eh, sorry for disappointing, I do enjoy being normal!

2- She had defacing surgery recently.

Ribbon: I prefer 'cosmetic uncheesecaking procedure', thank you!

3- She was Employee of the Month for 11 non-consecutive months! 

Ribbon: It was an unfair competition, that robot sprite didn't need to sleep!

4- She was Miss Teen Webcomic in 1998

Ribbon: Yes, but that's not exactly an achievement I go around bragging about...

5- She was Miss Fanservice 2008

Ribbon: Look, I'm not this kind of woman... so lay off the beauty contests already, okay?

6- She was also Miss Halloween in 2008!

Ribbon: Just stop that already!

7- She's a Fourth Waller

Ribbon: Which means I can just walk over there and kick your ass, got it?

Oh, snap.

8- Her biggest dream...

Ribbon: to be the goddamn CEO of this syndicate!

1- She was born as a baby.

Well, I had to end this with a double subversion! Yes, Ribbon was just a cute baby. But that's not all, as you'll see more ahead. But for now, that will be enough.

2- She had defacing surgery recently.

While this hadn't surfaced yet in the strip, it was already shown in my deviantART gallery! Anyway, she is now sporting this cartoonish look instead of the faux-manga look she had before. For some reason, I think this new style is more dynamic and less sexy than previously, even though it's not without its own appeal, as we'll see ahead...

But, anyway, it's clear she had this done as a statement to her wanting to be treated well for her merits and features, and not her pretty body.

3- She was Employee of the Month for 11 non-consecutive months!

After all, Ribbon is an excellent employee. It's not an easy task to get promote from booth worker to infomercial hostess to VP of Human Resources in so little time! Still, that was totally unfair. Robots don't need to sleep, and that one in particular was on steroids. Shame!

4- She was Miss Teen Webcomic in 1998.

She was a hot young woman, and that's an understatement. Surely she doesn't look as good now much after her teen years and also "decheesecaked", but I guess that's close enough.

Also, she isn't very keen on the whole "beauty pageant" nowadays. But you can't run from your past.

5- She was Miss Fanservice 2008.

Fanservice Day is optional for every other webcomic character, but mandatory for WU Syndicate employees, to incentive participation.

Ribbon was less than happy to know that she was elected the sexiest Fanservice of 2008. Not much for the objectification and lustful desire projected onto her, but the fact that her photo was advertised in WU billboards for months...

6- She was also Miss Halloween in 2008!

Halloween, as well, is a webcomic event that's made mandatory for Syndicate employees, and Ribbon found out that the participation in Miss Halloweed was just as mandatory as well.

If she knew, she'd probably come dressed as someone less obviously fanservicey. Oh, well.

7- She's a Fourth Waller.

Now here's the big deal. "Fourth Waller" is an intriguing concept. It means someone who came from Beyond the Fourth Wall. Speaking from inside Webcomic World, it mean, of course, our own real world. The knowledge of how to pass through the Fourth Wall(a territory on itself, usually where Narrators lie) is valuable and shady, and only those who really want and know where to look for it get access to. Jennifer Ribbon was one of those people.

But it should be noted there's a change that occurs when the person leaves the Fourth Wall in any direction, but as the character goes farther from realism, the passing is tougher. Which means, in a way, Ribbon sort of sealed her fate as a Webcomicker from now on. Well, that's what she wanted anyway!

8- Her biggest dream... to be the goddamn CEO of this syndicate!

She aims for the top! Also, she wants to get this goddamn business fixed! No more gratuituous fanservice and dick jokes everywhere! It's time to show some respect, damn it! Also, it needs more barechested hunky men! Equality, bitches!

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